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1. Do I need a ramp sticker to launch a kayak or canoe?
2. How can I apply for a handicap parking permit?
3. How can I get on the marina / mooring waiting list?
4. How can I get the results of a bid?
5. How much is a boat slip per foot?
6. How do I get a Green Key Pass?
7. How do I get a hunting / fishing license?
8. How do I get a resident parking permit for the town parks and beaches?
9. How do I license my dog?
10. How do I obtain a copy of the deed to my house?
11. How do I register a business in Suffolk County?
12. What are the phone numbers of the local Chamber of Commerce?
13. Where can I get a copy of an advertised bid?
14. Where can I register to vote?
15. Where do I get a boat ramp permit?