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1. Who do I contact for pothole repair?
2. Why doesn't the town offer a set schedule for leaf and branch collection?
3. Does the town supply leaf bags to the residents?
4. Does the town collect grass?
5. What do I have to do to get a defective sidewalk repaired?
6. What do I have to do to get a defective curb and/or driveway apron repaired?
7. Who can I contact to inspect a dead or diseased tree in the town right of way?
8. A street tree is causing a sidewalk, curb, or driveway apron defect; what will happen to my street tree?
9. Where can I get bagged mulch?
10. Who can I contact to purchase the orange and green recycling bins?
11. Who do I call if I have a street light out?
12. Who do I call to dispose of furniture, mattresses, or appliances?
13. The town damaged my property (e.g., a town vehicle hit my car). Will I be compensated?