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Posted on: October 9, 2019

Supervisor's Report

Supervisor's Report

Monumental Revitalization, Park Renovations, & Honoring a Historian

It has been a busy news week for the Town of Smithtown. As many of you may have read, we have been awarded $500,000 in Jumpstart Funding from the County for economic development. In other big news, the Governor has officially signed the Kings Park Alienation Bill, which will allow us to begin installing sewers in our Kings Park Downtown Business District. For anyone who would like to learn about the timeline and the process, Suffolk County Sewer Czar Peter Scully will give a special presentation at the Kings Park VFW on Thursday, October 10th at 10AM. I would also like to take a moment to recognize Smithtown historian Brad Harris, who was honored last month with an honorary Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the Town. As we approach the ceremonial unveiling of historic markers depicting the legendary Bull Ride of Richard Smith at our completely renovated Whisper the Bull, we thought it was only appropriate to honor the man who catalogued our town’s rich history over the course of his career. Special thanks to Michael Hebron, the team at Smithtown Landing Country Club, and Brad’s family and friends who helped to make this honor such a memorable day. 


The Highway Department has begun road work along Roosevelt Avenue from Wichard Boulevard to Fulton Boulevard and Washington Court. In addition, the Highway Department has planned to pave Somers Lane, pending weather outlook for the week.

Our Traffic Department is out completing bicycle logos along the newly paved Old Commack Road and Old Northport Road. In addition to this work, Traffic teams are painting STOP lines around the Ledgewood Drive neighborhood. 

Demolition work on the buildings, removal of electric, plumbing fixtures, asphalt, backstops, and cesspools is underway at Flynn Memorial Park this month. 

For those who are unfamiliar with this project, the town has planned to build a new state-of-the-art ballpark over the course of two years. Plans are to have two completed ball fields ready for the Spring season for the residents and local leagues to enjoy. 

The renovations include: new synthetic (and environmentally friendly) fields with built-in drainage, LED Energy efficient sports lighting, air conditioned concession stand/pro shop, handicapped accessible bathrooms, covered bleachers, protective fencing along the outfield and backstops, and a more centralized playground area. Additional parking and storage along the grounds are planned as well. This exciting reconstruction will serve as an economic engine, while providing our youth with in demand, state-of-the-art ball fields to play and compete on. 


Our Traffic Safety Department has installed the new modern Mast Arm for the traffic signal rebuild at Grandview Lane & Old Willets Path. Work to finalize the traffic signal is currently underway. 

The New Highway & Adams Avenue road widening project is underway. All trees and brush have been cleared, as our Highway teams are slated to do road grading next, pending weather conditions and utility work currently being performed by other agencies. The Traffic Safety Department is scheduled to pour foundations for traffic signals at both Marcus Avenue and New Highway and at Adams Ave and New Highway this week. This work is subject to weather conditions as well.  

The road widening project includes new sidewalks, modern traffic signals, Energy-Efficient lighting, landscaping, and signage. This project will provide for additional safety for bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians upon completion.  


Milling and Paving along Park Avenue, Collins Avenue, and Meridian Avenue are scheduled to begin this week. Prior to paving, our Highway Department completed major drainage repairs and concrete restoration in the area. These improvements to the infrastructure will help to prevent flood damage and ensure the roads stay in optimal condition for our residents. 

I’m very pleased to report that our Parks Department will begin demolition work in anticipation of a brand new state-of-the-art playground at Kings Park Memorial, starting on Monday (10/14.) The new playground will feature a jungle-gym with multiple levels, climbing stations, two slides, and new turf surfacing.


Traffic Safety will be working on thermoplastic striping and pavement markings along Browns Road (347 to Nicholls Road) and along Gibbs Pond Road (from Nicholls to Smithtown Boulevard) where Highway teams have completed new roads. Minor road work delays will be posted via the Town App. 

Milling and Asphalt work along Cedar Avenue, Roseanne Court, and Glen Hill Court has begun. This roadwork is expected to continue over the coming weeks, pending weather conditions.

Our Parks Department is busy doing field maintenance and playground repairs at Gibbs Pond Park, trenching and dressing the new field lights with soil. In addition, Parks teams are replacing a slide, and are rebuilding the skateboard ramp-reskin ramp at the Armory Park.


The Highway Department has begun concrete restoration on Larkspur Drive, Teal Lane, and Dove Lane in Smithtown this week. Road paving will begin upon the completion of the concrete repairs.

I’m pleased to report that after a major concrete (sidewalks) restoration initiative, asphalt paving is slated to begin along Terry Road from Townline Road to Smithtown Boulevard. Residents may encounter roving road detours in target work areas as the project is underway. Upon paving completion, our Traffic Department will commence with road markings. 

The Parks Department is finishing up the landscaping at the Whisper the Bull monument. The electric has been installed and enclosed in a custom built structure. The last steps will be done this week and next, as our Traffic team installs the historic markers and lighting. This historic marker program was made possible courtesy of the Kings Park Heritage Museum, who worked tirelessly on grant funding. Plans to host a ceremonial unveiling of the first marker are slated for October 29th.  


Phase One of the Lake Avenue Downtown Revitalization is reaching completion. The last portion of this phase involves new concrete sidewalks and new roads along Lake Avenue from Woodlawn to Jericho. Roadwork detours are expected to continue for another three weeks. Lake Avenue will be ultimately safer for pedestrians and bicyclists upon completion of the project.

The General Store makeover is just about complete, with only the cobblestone style pedestrian crosswalk and landscaping left to finish. Once the pavement has had the proper time to cure, the cobblestone will be installed. The project should be finished in the next few weeks. 

If you have ideas or would like certain topics discussed in this weekly report, please email the Supervisor's Office at  

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