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Aug 20

Comprehensive Master Plan

Posted on August 20, 2019 at 2:03 PM by spio spio

ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT TO VOICE YOUR OPINION If you haven’t had the opportunity to voice your opinion and provide worthwhile insight into the Comprehensive Plan, you still have 2 weeks remaining to complete the survey questions at 

MastercompplanWe are still in the information gathering stage for our Comprehensive Plan. All Community Workshops for each hamlet have been conducted, and valuable input from residents has been taken into consideration. 


Last month, we held the St. James Visioning Workshops for downtown St. James. The Kings Park Visioning Study is wrapping up, and the RPA plan for the LI Innovation Park at Hauppauge (Industrial Park) was completed. Information from these plans will all be compiled and incorporated into the Town of Smithtown Comprehensive Plan.


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