Residents and visitors now have access to Smithtown’s first electric vehicle charging station.

In June of 2019, the Town of Smithtown installed an electric vehicle charging station located at Smithtown Town Hall, 99 W. Main Street. This charging station has two ports to allow for vehicles to charge simultaneously. 

About the Charging Station:

ChargePoint offers the world's largest network of electric vehicle charging locations, the most comprehensive charging station map in the US and comes equipped with a State-of-the-art software package. 

To use the charging station, register your vehicle with ChargePoint. To register, visit https://www.chargepoint.com/ and click on “Sign Up” at the top of the page. Electric vehicle owners can also download the ChargePoint app to find other available ChargePoint stations in their area.

In addition to a number of future clean energy projects, the town has begun to design and install a 72KW solar electric system for the Landing Avenue Country Club. Previously completed projects include the 50 KW solar electric system and a 10KW Wind Generator at the Town Recycling Center on Old Northport Rd in Kings Park. Smithtown was one of the first town’s in the Nation replace all street lights to low energy usage high efficiency LED lights. The Town was also one of the first in the Country to replace it’s waste collection fleet with 100% CNG fueled trucks.