Bullying/Cyberbullying Committee

6/11/20-  A presentation by IndieFlix called “Angst” was screened for the Town of Smithtown community members. 

Angst is a film-based education program designed to raise awareness around anxiety, with an emphasis on youth and families. The film includes interviews with kids, teens, experts, and parents.  A panel discussion with Horizons Director, Mathew Neebe, Assistant Director Joe Bieniewicz, the moderator of the film Scilla Andreen, and an expert from the film Dr. Jerry Bubrick took place after the film.

The Bullying/Cyber bullying Committee developed a Public Service Announcement centered around bullying in the Spring of 2018. Talented students from within the Township worked diligently to put the scenes together with the Public Safety Dept. You can see some photos of the production on our Photos/Videos page. Watch our Anti-Bullying Public Service Announcement!

The above P.S. I Love You Day: Smithtown Informational Video was created by the Smithtown High School East Leadership Club during the 2016-2017 school year.

About DASA

In September 2010, New York State leaders approved the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) to help ensure that schools have the tools and resources to afford all students an educational environment in which they can thrive. The statewide task force developed guidelines, with each school district developing its program for implementation on July 1, 2012.

 Q: Who’s protected under the Dignity Act?

A. The Act applies to the protection of all public elementary and secondary school students and prohibits the harassment and discrimination of students by students and by school personnel.

Q: How does the Dignity Act relate to bullying and hazing?

A: Bullying and hazing are forms of harassment and discrimination.

Q: What physical spaces are covered?

A: The Dignity Act currently applies to behavior on school property (including athletic fields, playgrounds, and parking lots), in school buildings, on a school bus/vehicle, and at school-sponsored events or activities.

Agencies of the Federal Government collaborated to establish a website to provide students, parents, teachers and administrators and the community with information and resources to address bullying.