Permit Information

Groups of 11 people or more must acquire a permit from the - Smithtown Parks Department at (631) 269-1122.

Permit fees apply. A permit can be taken out starting the first business day of the year that you would like your permit. You must be 21 years of age and a Smithtown resident to take out a permit. As the permit holder you are responsible for the conduct of ALL members of your party while attending the outing. See our parking policy for parking information and fees.

Additional permit and fee information.

The following is a list of terms for permit holders to follow when utilizing Hoyt Farm facilities. Any permit holder that does not abide by these terms can be denied a permit in future years:

1. On Saturdays and Sundays (during our summer hours), Hoyt Farm will open at 9 am and the gates will close at dusk. Weekdays (and winter hours) the park will be open at 8 am until dusk. Summer hours are between approximately Memorial day to Labor day. Winter hours are between approximately Labor day to Memorial day.

2. All nonresident vehicles (with a permit holding group) will be charged a parking fee of $12.00 at the entrance to the park and must know the name that the permit is under to enter.

3. Seating at the pavilion area is determined on a first come first served basis...and yes, we do have people wait at the gate to get the spot that they want.

4. Premises must be left as it was found including:
All garbage must be picked up by the attendee
Any relocated picnic tables and garbage cans MUST be returned to their original location
All borrowed equipment MUST be returned
Party decorations MUST be removed

5. Animals are not permitted into the park except for seeing eye or guide dogs with official tags and a clearly marked leash or blanket.

6. At no time may any vehicle drive on the blacktop area at the pavilion or block the dirt entrance to the blacktop. This area must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.

7. Charcoal from personal grills should be placed in our grill pits...NEVER dumped into our garbage cans!

8. Inflatable equipment of any kind is not permitted.

9. Rollerblading or any kind of motorized vehicles are not permitted.

10. Hot water and ice should be discarded into the drains and not on the grass.

11. Alcohol is permitted upon request at the time the permit is purchased.

12. Each permit will be provided with 3 picnic tables for every 20 people that they have signed up for.

13. No water balloons are permitted in the park for safety reasons.