Educational Programs

Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve Educational Programs

All educational programs are now $5 per person regardless of residency.

Payment should be made by cash or by check made payable to the Town of Smithtown. Please have payment at the time of the program.

If you would like further information or to arrange a program, please call us at (631) 543-7804.

  • Animals on the farm (Grades Kindergarten through 5)
    Visit and learn about a variety of farm animals. See what they eat, where they live and how they help farmers. Participate in a memorable experience and feed a farm friend.
  • Maple Sugaring (Grades 3 and up) (February 15 to March 15 only) Find out about the history of maple sugaring as well as techniques that will enable you to make syrup in your own backyard. Join us as we tap a tree, boil sap, and taste maple and walnut syrup and of course everyone's favorite......maple sugar.
  • Pond Life (Grades 2 and up)
    An introduction to the animals that live in and around ponds. We'll discover what animals use ponds for, some interesting facts about animals, and get a chance to see and touch live animals. We'll explore the differences between some of those animals and why all animals are important to our ecosystem.
  • Five(5) senses (Grades Kindergarten through 3)
    On a nature walk we will investigate the ways that animals use their 5 senses. Using hands-on activities we will discover our 5 senses together and finish off with a popcorn party. This program will introduce children to their 5 senses and encourage them to use their senses when exploring the outdoors.
  • Critter Camouflage (Grades 2 through 5)
    An introduction to camouflage and the concept of natural selection. Your students will investigate the importance of adaptations in predator/prey relationships as they assume the role of predators during the activity.
  • What makes me a mammal? (Grades 2 and up)
    Explore the idea of classification and discover the characteristics of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish. Find out what makes them who they are. Students will get a chance to see and touch some of these animals.
  • Hibernation & Migration (Grades 3 and up)
    Did you ever wonder where the animals go in the winter? Join us as we find those animals and investigate their winter behavior.
  • Life cycles (Grades 2 and up)
    Students will delve into the life cycles of humans, butterflies, birds and frogs. We will explore together the stages of these life cycles and the differences between them. Come join us as we discover and act out the stages of these amazing animals.

    If your class have a specific interest let us know and we may be able to modify or design a program to suit your needs.