Parking Permits for People with Disabilities

Safe & Equal Access to Goods & Services

Reserved parking for people with disabilities ensures safe and equal access to goods and services, access which most of us take for granted. The Smithtown Town Clerk's Office can assist you by issuing a parking permit in accordance with New York State Motor Vehicle Law.

To learn more about this subject, please visit this DMV website.

Download and print information and an application form (PDF) for a parking permit or license plates for persons with severe disabilities

Finding a Parking Spot

Reserved parking for people with disabilities is a legal requirement, not just a courtesy. You can help support the law by parking in reserved spaces only if you have a permit or plates for people with disabilities, and only when the person who received the permit or plates is actually in the vehicle.

Please avoid parking in the access aisle or striped area next to a reserved parking space - it is not a parking zone. This special area is needed for access by people who use wheelchairs and specially-equipped vehicles.

Lost or Stolen Permits

If your permit was lost or stolen, fill out this affidavit (PDF).

Feel free to call us at (631) 360-7620 with any questions.