Elected Officials


Smithtown residents are represented by eight elected officials. A five member Town Board, consisting of the Town Supervisor and four Town Council members. The Smithtown Supervisor is the town’s chief fiscal and executive officer. Elected to four-year term and serving in a full-time capacity, the Supervisor formulates the town budget and presides at Town Board meetings. The Supervisor appoints committees and delegates certain responsibilities to the Town Council.

Town Supervisor

Edward R. Wehrheim - BIO - Email
99 W. Main St.
P.O. Box 9090
Smithtown, NY 11787
    Ph: (631) 360-7600
    Fax: (631) 360-7668
    Email: supervisor@smithtownny.gov


Town Council

Together with the Town Supervisor, the Town Council enacts ordinances, adopts a budget, manages personnel matters, oversees town-wide planning and zoning, establishes recreation areas and participates in town meetings. Elected to four-year terms by voters from the entire town, each of the four council members serves as a liaison to various departments under the town’s jurisdiction.


         Smithtown Town Council
         99 W. Main St.
         Smithtown, NY 11787
         Ph: (631) 360-7621
         Fax: (631) 360-7783

Highway Department

The Smithtown Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the town's public road infrastructure. The infrastructure includes more than 460 miles of roads, drainage systems, recharge basins, and curbs.


Robert Murphy

Smithtown Department of Highways
758 Smithtown By-Pass (Route 347)
Smithtown, NY 11787-5023
Ph: (631) 360-7500
Fax: (631) 360-7510           

E: highway@smithtownny.gov

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk's Office is responsible for recording all vital records, the activities of town government as well as storing the documents that are important to the lives of Town residents.
  • Vincent Puleo - Town Clerk / Registrar
    99 W. Main St.
    Smithtown, NY 11787
    Ph: (631) 360-7620
    Fax: (631) 360-7692
          Email: townclerk@smithtownny.gov

Receiver of Taxes

The Receiver of Taxes is responsible for collecting all real property taxes levied by the town, county, and school districts.
  • Deanna Varricchio - Receiver of Taxes
    99 W. Main St.
    P.O. Box 708
    Smithtown, NY 11787
    Ph: (631) 360-7610
    Fax: (631) 360-0073
          Email: taxreceiver@smithtownny.gov