In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Phone Entries

The Town of Smithtown Department of Public Safety and your local emergency responders urge you to put your phone on ICE!

A movement is underway to turn your cell phone into a source of information for ambulance, fire and police personnel responding to accidents, crimes, and disasters.

"ICE," is a campaign in which participants program their emergency contact information into their cell phones.

How It Works

Emergency personnel can use your phone to find your ICE contact, and inform them of the event, as well as, gather valuable information about your health and/or medical conditions. Note: You may want to add "ICE1", "ICE2", etc. for additional contacts.

Follow Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Create a NEW contact in your cell phone.
Step 2: Name that contact "ICE."
Step 3: Program the number of your emergency contact.