Comptroller's Office

What We Do

The Comptroller’s Office assists and advises the Supervisor and Town Board on financial matters. We are responsible for disbursement of town funds in accordance with the budget, auditing all claims for payment, preparing the town’s payroll, investing town funds, securing loans, and maintaining financial records.

We work closely with the Town Supervisor and department personnel to prepare the annual operating and 5 year capital budgets. We meet with the Town’s bond rating agency to review and discuss the Town’s finances leading to the Town’s Bond Rating and issuance of bonds. We prepare the Annual Financial Statement, assemble documentation and manage the Annual Independent Audit.

We monitor and account for the Town’s capital program and expenditures and grant activities. Additionally we manage the Town’s risk mitigation program for Workers Compensation claims, including employee training, assistance with claim filings and access to medical treatments for injured employees.

We work closely with the town assessor and the receiver of taxes to prepare the Real Property Tax Warrant each year. By law, the town collects all real property taxes and distributes them to town funds, Suffolk County, fire districts, and various special districts.

Finance Documents