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Volunteer Corner
Volunteer Corner

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The Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau has two volunteer initiatives.

1.  Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps:
    Students and Families can register as formal volunteers

2.  Partner Agency Volunteer Opportunities:
Local community groups and agencies can promote their volunteer     positions

See Details and links to application forms below:

1.  Smithtown Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps....
Needs YOU!
The Smithtown Youth Bureau will now be maintaining a formal Volunteer Program Database for our corps of volunteers.  If you would like to be included in this database, complete and return the attached application.  PLEASE be sure to include details of any previous volunteer activity with the Smithtown Youth Bureau, to make sure you are credited.

Registered volunteers will receive notification of all  volunteer opportunities with the Youth Bureau, other Town Departments, as well as for all of our local partners.  Once registered as a Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps member, all of your community service will be recorded and can be accessed to provide formal documentation of your volunteerism.

So.......Register NOW to be part of the 
Smithtown Youth Bureau 
Volunteer Corps!

Students as well as Adults are invited to register.  
*Adults are always needed to help support programs and assist with supervision.

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2.  Town of Smithtown

Partner Agency Volunteer Opportunities


We can assist local community groups and agencies in recruiting volunteers for their programs by posting their volunteer positions. 

To become a partner agency and promote your volunteer needs, please complete the online application below. 

 Click here for online application.      

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Visit DoSomething.org and plug in your cell phone number and zip code and volunteer positions in your area will be listed.

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