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Do We Recycle It?
  • Plastic: Do not recycle syringes, toys, small plastic or squeezable bottles, saran wrap, plastic utensils, Styrofoam, or supermarket plastic bags. These items contaminate the recycled plastic mixture, making it unsalable.
  • Paper: Do not recycle items like paper towels and hardcover books.
  • Cardboard: Do not recycle cereal boxes, food, medicine, detergent or gift boxes, or soda or beer cartons.
  • Metal: Do not recycle items like hangers or pots and pans. Hangers and odd-sized pieces of metal jam the conveyors at our recycling facility. (Return hangers to dry cleaners for reuse.)
  • Glass: Do not recycle items like window glass, household dishes or crockery, or drinking glasses or colored glass other than amber, clear, or green.
  • Bulk Items: Never place large bulk items such as swing sets out with your recyclables. Call your garbage carter to arrange for collection.
  • Plastic:  #1-#7 plastics are accepted for recycling. These include items such as juice bottles, soda bottles, detergent/bleach bottles, milk jugs as well as rigid plastics such as crates, buckets, plastic patio furniture, pet carriers and unwanted garbage cans(empty). 
  • Paper: Include all newspapers and color comics, all newspaper enclosures, all magazines, telephone books, and all computer and fax paper.
  • Corrugated Cardboard: Recycle corrugated cardboard (cardboard boxes) only. Paper bags are also accepted.
  • Metal: Tin and aluminum cans and disposable aluminum trays and pie pans are the only metals that should be placed in your orange recycling can. This is the only type of metal for which there is currently a market. For pickup of larger bulk items like swing sets, contact your garbage carter.
  • Glass: Includes all clear, amber, or green glass jars and bottles. No other type of glass is accepted.

Recycling Schedule

Single stream recycling started January 1, 2015. All recyclables can be mixed together and put out in your existing containers every Wednesday. Please contact us at (631) 269-6600 if you would like a free decal to place on the container of your choice.   

Refer to the Refuse/Recycling Calendar for more information.

Protect Recycling Workers 
Do not recycle hypodermic needles! Dispose of needles properly.