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Current Newsletter
"YOUR Youth and Family Resource "
Supporting Our Children & Strengthening Our Community
Volume 7 - Issue 1 - Jan./Feb. 2019
News & Updates
**Attention: ALL Township School Districts**
PLEASE submit information regarding YOUR school's upcoming, town-wide programs for us to help promote.
** Attention: Smithtown Youth Bureau Partner Agencies**
Submit Your Requests for Volunteers - We can share the information and do registration
See Info. on Becoming a Partner Agency for Volunteer Opportunities...
Click for further information: Information for Partner Agencies
Town of Smithtown Youth & Community Alliance
Leadership Training
The Town of Smithtown Youth & Community Alliance held a community training at the Smithtown Library Main Branch on January 10th for Parents & students grades 8 - 12. Alliance community training was hosted by Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau and Horizons Counseling & Education Center. There were 14 parents and 39 students participating in the training.

MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving provided a DUAL training - One especially for concerned parents and one for students.
Parents & their children started off together and then split up into two different specialized, interactive programs informing them about such things as...

  • The actual science behind drinking
  • How to comfortably discuss drinking; media and peer pressure
  • Binge Drinking & other important topics
  • PLUS... Adult & Youth Empowerment!
Participants came and learned how informed parents & young people can tackle these sensitive and often dangerous issues together!
Students received 1.5 Hours of Community Service Credit for participating.

PLUS... Two participants won $50 " Dinner & Movie" Gift Cards! Congrats!!!
Cozy Toes!
Town of Smithtown Sock Drive!
Hands Across Long Island and the Town of Smithtown have joined forces to help those in need during these cold winter months. 

If you put yourself in someone else's shoes (no pun intended), you can see how clean, warm socks are a true treasure. To make a difference this season, we want to do our part to help the homeless and otherwise less fortunate families.

Starting February 4th, 2019, we will have collection boxes for NEW socks at three (3) convenient Smithtown locations:

  •  Smithtown Town Hall (99 West Main Street)
  • The Smithtown Youth Bureau - Horizons Counseling and Education Center - 161 East Main Street
  • Smithtown Senior Center - 420 Middle Country Road
Other small NEW items are welcome also - like gloves and scarfs

Please take a few moments and few extra steps by joining the Town of Smithtown in recognizing this need and helping others during these cold winter months!

Going the extra mile for families in need!!!

The Interact Clubs at King Park HS and at Smithtown HS East & West are doing their very own school CozyToes Sock Drives to help out! THANK YOU!!!

Save the Date!
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Town of Smithtown Global Youth Service Day
April 13th 2019 is Global Youth Service Day
in Town of Smithtown!

Watch your inbox f or emails with event details about this very popular, annual student & family community service event, and how to register

Global Youth Service Day was established in 1988, celebrating and mobilizing millions of young people who want to improve their communities through service.

GYSD is the largest service event in the world , and the only one dedicated to children and youth.

This year's event will again be a great student community service and educational opportunity.
Save the Date!
Details and Registration Coming SOON!!!
REGISTER Immediately if you wish to participate.
Each year this program fills VERY Quickly
Using Smart Devices to Study
Most Middle School students have access to cell phones and smart devices. Using them for studying a great use of this technology.

A few popular apps that students can use for studying include:

  • Quizlet: This app allows students to review carious topics. They can take quizzes and create flash cards for any subject.
  • Khan Academy: This app allows students to view academic videos on many different topics. If a student is confused about a topic - they can search it on Khan Academy and learn something new!
  • myHomework: This is a planner for a smartphone. Students can easily track homework, tests, and study time in this helpful agenda!

Babysitting Skills
Basic Employment
Available at ALL Township Middle Schools

Middle School students town-wide have the opportunity to  participate in this fun, educational Youth Bureau four (4) session workshop series. Completed and upcoming program sites includ e Accompsett M.S., Great Hollow MS and Hauppauge MS.
Program topics include:

  • Hands on experience w/ RealCare Babies
  • New Babysitter Skills
  • How to connect with children through play
  • Babysitting safety
  • Finding a Babysitting Job, etc..

For information about bringing this program to your school, please contact:

Middle School
Study Skills
Program Update

Middle School students throughout the Town of Smithtown have been learning valuable Study Skills through the Youth Bureau's three week interactive program!

This school year, the program has been successfully completed at William T. Rogers Middle School, Nesaquake Middle School, Great Hollow Middle School, and Accompsett Middle School. 

Recently, we received a parent email praising the program and the Youth Bureau program presenter.

"The teacher really understood my son, and was so good! He came home and did everything the teacher told him to do and felt good about it."

Topics include:
Note Taking * Time Management
Stress Reduction*Test Taking Tips, etc
For information about bringing this program to your school, please contact:    Cynthia Grimley
Hauppauge HS Youth Summit
On February 1, the Hauppauge Youth and Community Alliance; along with the S mithtown Youth Bureau; Horizons Counseling and Education Center; Thrive; and Prevention Resource Center held their first Youth Leadership Summit .

 The topic of the day was " Empowering Change Agents .' 

The Smithtown Youth Bureau and the Prevention Resource Center facilitated a workshop on "Empathy and Healthy Relationships."

Horizons Counseling & Education Cente r, Prevention Resource Center, and Youth Enrichment Services facilitated a workshop on "Making Healthy Choices."

Over 50 students participated in the workshops through role playing, group activities, and discussion. The Youth Bureau provided smooth, river rocks and acrylic paint pens for the event.

Students were fully engaged and enjoyed painting the polished rocks with inspirational words. Student feedback was very positive.

As student participants shared...

"It was useful to learn about how to be empathetic and connect with a person and actively listen."

"We learned new ways to help others solve their own problems"

"Opens up your mind as how to thoughtfully respond to other's problems." 
Safe Routes To School Program

In Case You Didn't know...
Safe Routes to School Went Town-Wide!!!
The Smithtown Youth Bureau is pleased to announce the launching of our Safe Routes to School Program activities..... NOW Offered Township wide!

The Safe Routes to School Program is a New York State Department of Transportation Grant Program which promotes walking and biking to school, being active and helps to provide safe opportunities to do so.

Please see the Safe Routes to School Program Brochure for more information. and arranging for these FREE programs at YOUR SCHOOL!!!
Did You Know There Are...
Eight Dimensions of Wellness!!!
Overall wellness is being in good physical and mental health. There are eight aspects or dimensions of ourselves that we can work on to improve our wellness. Each component is interrelated so that by improving one area, in turn the other areas of our lives improve as well.  For example developing our physical health impacts our emotional and social health.
Currently, the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau and Horizons Counseling & Education Center are providing the Eight Dimensions of Wellness Program to the students at Kings Park High Schoo l after school. The program has also been provided at H auppauge High School, Commack High School, Accompsett Middle School and Smithtown High School West. 
The program focuses on how to develop each dimension, with the goal being to improve ourselves, one dimension at a time... to develop wellness of our whole self.

Each week, we focus on one area of wellness and teach ways for the students to improve themselves, practice new skills and foster further exploration.
Look for next month’s issue where we will start exploring the Emotional Dimension of Wellness.

For information about possibly bringing this program to your school, please contact:

News from Town of Smithtown
Horizons Counseling and Education Center
Happy New Year from the staff at Horizons Counseling and Education Center!  We hope you have a wonderful and healthy 2019. 

For people in recovery, the holiday, end of the year and stressful start to the new year can be a difficult time. Many times people make resolutions, but many of them will be broken.

It is important to set a goal that is realistic so that it can be achieved. Seeking professional help; finding a supportive network; and reaching out to loved ones are great ways to stay connected.

For 2019, make healthy changes; take responsibility for your actions, and stay positive.  These are healthy and meaningful gifts that we can give to ourselves.  

We look forward to providing more programs and events for the community in 2019!!!

Horizons Counseling & Education Center is an OASAS licensed not-for-profit agency funded to provide adolescent and adult prevention, treatment, and educational services for drug and alcohol related programs. 
Issues with Substance Use/Abuse?
There is Help Available...

The Town of Smithtown
Horizons Counseling and Education Center

Individual & Family Support Services

The first step is an assessment.  
The assessment process consists of a series of 2-3 appointments, geared toward the collection off information which will identify the individual's issues, needs, strengths and service recommendations, if applicable.

If the assessment shows that treatment is appropriate, an individualized service schedule will be developed and the process of healing and recovery can begin.

  For details, click here

Adolescent, young adult & adult prevention, treatment, and educational services for drug and alcohol related problems
Horizons Counseling and
Education Center

For further information about these services email:
Visit the Horizons Web Site to see program details:
Smithtown Youth Bureau
Volunteer Corps!

Join the hundreds of Other Local Youth and Families as registered...
Town of Smithtown Volunteer Corps Members

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Volunteer Corps member!

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Does your group/agency
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The Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau
promotes volunteerism and fosters
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....throughout the township.

The Youth Bureau is interested in partnering with local groups and organizations to promote volunteer opportunities for youth and families in the community.

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Town of Smithtown
Youth Bureau | 631-360-7595

Town of Smithtown Horizons Center
161 E. Main Street, Smithtown NY 11787

The Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau offers ongoing town-wide
youth development, prevention and intervention programs
for youth and families

Study Skills - Time Management - Organizational Skills - Anger/Emotional Management
Positive Action - Second Step -Why Try, etc. (Research-based Prevention Programs)
Parent Skills Group (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) - Guiding Good Choices (Parenting young children)
Upstander Revolution: A Bullying/Cyber Bullying presentation - Eight Dimensions of Wellness (SAMHSA)
Healthy Family Communication - Leadership/Youth Empowerment and Community Service Opportunities
Bicycle Safety Rodeos/Road & Biking Safety Programs - Babysitting Skills/Basic Employment Readiness
Mentoring - Intergenerational Programs - Opportunities for Healthy Family Interaction, etc.

Inspire - Learn - Grow  

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Stacey Sanders
Executive Director

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Smithtown, NY 11787
Ph: (631) 360-7595
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Monday - Friday
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Summer Hours
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