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March 2018 Newsletter

Town of Smithtown 

"YOUR Youth and Family Resource "

Supporting Our Children
Strengthening Our Community

Volume 6 - Issue 3- March  2018

March News & Updates
In this issue...

Global Youth Service Day - Student Community Service...
At Hoyt Farm - April 21, 1018

Does Your Group/Agency NEED VOLUNTEERS? - Partner With Us to Find Volunteers

Helpful Tips from the Town's Parenting Skills Group
How To Deal With An Attention Seeking Child

"March into March"...   March with Us - 3/3/18 
Kings Park St. Pats Parade:
Community Service Credit!  Still Time to REGISTER !

Families... UNPLUG from Technology during Dinner:
 How Get the Most from  A Device Free Dinner!

You Spoke...We Listened - NEW Programs !

-News from the Town of Smithtown Youth & Community Alliance

-Contests Continue - Complete A Brief Survey & Enter to Win a Student OR Family Prize!

Babysitting Skills/Basic Employment Skill s AND
H.S. & M.S. Study Skills program Updates!

-News From Horizons Counseling & Education Center - 
Specialized Services for Adolescents and Young Adults

-Collaborative Youth Bureau & Horizons  Prevention Programs

-Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps -
Join NOW!

Suffolk County Cyber-Bullying Poster Contest - Enter To Win!!!
A GREAT Class Project!!!

 Partner Agency News:
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities...
Smithtown Library - Main Branch - 3/8/18
Sunshine Prevention Center - 3/10/18

Register NOW!!
Registration is Required for this program

Town of Smithtown's Annual...
Town-Wide Global Youth Service Day Event!

Saturday,April 21,2018
At Hoyt Farm Park
10:00 AM - Noon

**Student Community Service Credit Provided**

Space Limited - Register Early!
Registration link below

Spring Gardening and Prep work at Hoyt Farm!
Prepping the Bee Pollinator & Butterfly Gardens, 
 Cleaning up the pasture and stalls for Hoyt's resident animals!
Garden Prep of Butterfly & Bee gardens:
Pollinators feed the world...
Raking, weeding and thatching the pollinator gardens at Hoyt Farm not only helps to provide a habitat for the local bee & butterfly species.
 In addition to aiding in saving endangered species, GYSD volunteers will help purify our environment while promoting the production of produce in our community.

  • At least one-third of the world's agricultural crops depends upon pollination provided by insects and other animals. (five percent of all food crops grown in the United States rely on pollinators to thrive)
  • Plants absorb harmful pollutants through their leaves and roots, removing them from the air, soil, and water around them.
  • Pesticides and habitat loss threaten the existence of bees, butterflies and other pollinators.
  • By creating a pollinator garden, GYSD volunteers will be preserving a species while aiding in organic production of produce which we rely on to feed the community.
Cleaning the Hoyt Farm Pastures & Animal stalls...
Did you Know? 
All of the Animals at Hoyt Farm Park have been rescued from appalling,  terrible conditions.  They have been given a second chance at a sanctuary home to live out their days.
Clearing debris from pastures & stalls helps the Nature Sanctuary...

  • Damp, soiled stalls can lead to ailments like thrush, in addition to the presence of parasites and harmful insects.
  • An improperly placed water source can become contaminated by hay debris,  leading to contaminated produce sources where the animals tend to graze.


A Little About GYSD:
Established in 1988,  Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) celebrates and mobilizes the millions of young people who improve their communities through service.

GYSD is the largest service event in the world and the only one dedicated to the contributions that children and youth make 365 days of the year.

GYSD is celebrated each year in more than 135 countries, with young people working together-and with schools, youth organizations, nonprofits, community and faith-based organizations, national service programs, government agencies, and  adult mentors- to address the world's most critical issues and change their communities.

...And Did You Know?...
The Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau is an official GYSD Partner and our annual community service initiative in included in the  WORLDWIDE Map of GYSD activities.

Help Put OUR Town of Smithtown Youth On the Map!!!

Middle School & High School Volunteers 
Register at link below for GYSD:

Saturday,April 21,2018
10:00 AM - Noon

Register EARLY!
This program fills quickly!!!

Presented by:

Town of Smithtown...
Youth Bureau
Parks Department - Hoyt Farm
Public Safety Office
Office of the Supervisor - Public Information

Check this Out!  
 Brand NEW!!!!

Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau:
Partner Agency Volunteer Opportunities

The Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau promotes volunteerism and fosters positive social and leadership opportunities for youth and families throughout the Township.
*The Youth Bureau is interested in partnering with local groups and organizations  to promote volunteer opportunities for youth and families in the community 

Once an application is submitted, the Youth Bureau will assist in recruiting volunteers for your programs by promoting  your group's volunteer positions to our thousands of newsletter subscribers, on social media and on our official Youth Bureau Web Site's Volunteer Corner page.

If your organization is interested in partnering with the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau complete our online Partner Agency Program Application at the link below:

You can also access the form on our web site's Volunteer Corner page.  It  is our hope to combine efforts in order to best promote student & family volunteerism.  

Coming SOON....

We will be adding a Partner Agency Volunteer Opportunities Bulletin Board on our Town of Smiththown Web Site's Volunteer Corner page.  This will serve as a resource for students and families in our Township who are looking for Community Service activities.             

Tips From the
Town of Smithtown
Parenting Skills Group (PSG)...

Dealing with A ttention Seeking Children

Who are attention seeking children?
They are emotionally needy, (barring any medical and psychiatric issues) acting out through whining, misbehaving, etc.  Attention seeking children often look for individual attention and can lack the important skills and confidence  needed to see and play their important role in the family

Did You Know...
A shocking statistic is that the average American child only gets 3.5 minutes a day of uninterrupted individual attention from a parent.

If a child is misbehaving and constantly seeking your attention, this behavior may be a wake-up call for parents. 
Parents may have to rethink their priorities and stop to take a look at why their child is misbehaving....
      ...Could it be that negative attention is perceived by the child as better than NO attention. 

One way to approach a misbehaving child is create a time of day when you both can talk.  

Try to focus on catching your child when they are being "good" and giving attention for the helpful, appropriate behavior.  

Avoid scolding and yelling at children for misbehavior.  Rather focus on staying calm, and provide an appropriate consequence for the misbehavior... even if it takes extra time. 

Parents can express to their child that they believe in their ability to behave and even work together to find ways that they can be play a helpful/useful role in the family.  

With increased self- confidence and patiently taught skills.... they may be able to take on more responsibility in the family than parents  think. 

There May STILL Be TIME To 
"March Into March" With Us!!!

Register by Friday, March 2nd

March With The Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau
in the Kings Park St. Pats Parade...

Saturday, March 3, 2018

"Show the Power of Youth!!!"

Register HERE

Please Register By March 2, 2018 

**Student Community Service Credit Provided**

Marchers will meet at William T. Rogers Middle School
 at 11:00 AM that morning.

 We'll again be marching directly  
behind our
 partner organization, Kings Park in the kNOw.

Open to ALL Town of Smithtown Residents...
Marchers with the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau
DO NOT have to reside in Kings Park!!!

All Town Residents Welcome!
"Show the Power of Youth!!!"

Try a Device Free Dinner!
What would dinnertime be like at your house if it were device free?
It is estimated that people spend an average of 70 hours or more per month on their smart devices.  For teenagers, that number increases to 94 hours per month on phones. 
Devices such as smartphones and tablets give us a connection to the world - but at the same time can limit our connection to those closest to us. Technology and media should work for you and your family.
 One way to limit screen time, and increase family connection is to implement a "Device Free Dinner."  

Eliminating technology during mealtimes can encourage conversation among family members.  Here are some tips about planning a device free dinner for your family:
  • Plan a mealtime when kids and adults will be together - it doesn't have to be dinner - breakfast works also!
  • Turn off the TV- and put away all electronics (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  • Talk to each other - and have fun connecting with each other!

The concept of Device Free dining seems inordinately challenging for comedian/actor Will Ferrell to grasp in the short video below. 
    But trust can be done!

Will Ferrell STRUGGLES with Device Free Dinner!!!

Great Device Free Dinner Conversation Starters...
A well-worded question is the quickest way to connect after a long day. 

Starter questions  will spark a deeper conversation about the things that matter to you and your family. Check the link below for plenty of ideas. Each category contains a number of conversation starters that really work!

Have fun!  Please feel free to share your family's Device Free Dinner experiences with us and our readers!!!  Which were the BEST Conversation Starters in your home?
In Response to Community Survey Results...

-In addition to regularly requested programs & services, 
2018 Youth Bureau  Programming Will Highlight...

- Middle School AND High School Study Skills series offered in even  more Township schools.

- "Eight Dimensions of Wellness", "Positive Action", "Reconnecting Youth", and other research-based, highly effective prevention/intervention programs offered in even  more Township schools, in collaboration with Horizons Counseling & Education Center.

- Even more  Student Community Service opportunities featuring fun and empowering activities.

-Various types of  Effective Communication & Leadership Skills workshops throughout the year.

-Social Media Safety/Savvy presentations for students AND parents.

-Continued interactive  Fun Family events for the community

Expanded Student Planned & Implemented Environmental Strategies
for Substance Abuse Community Education, and Building Healthy Relationships.

Also, our Youth Bureau & Horizons Counseling & Education Center staff has had training on "Teen Intervene"-behavioral  risk assessment & intervention, as well as "Red Watch Band"-train the trainer alcohol abuse awareness.

Since So Many Survey Respondents requested Leadership/ Community Service programs, and services to support much younger residents ....

*Coming soon  the Youth Bureau's official Town Web Site's "Volunteer Corner"  page will have a bulletin Board featuring  local volunteer youth & family Community Service Opportunities (See article above... seeking Partner Agencies)

*Starting in Summer 2018, the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau will start
 offering programs to bolster personal resiliency & social skill development
for younger students in grades K-5.    


Town of Smithtown 
Youth & Community Alliance 

The Alliance's Bullying/Cyberbullying Committee will be producing Public Service Announcements (PSA's) to spread their awareness and prevention messages.
PSA volunteers will be working directly with the Town of Smithtown Public Safety Office, Youth & Community Alliance-Bullying/Cyberbullying Commitee, Youth Bureau and Horizons Counseling & Education Center on this Alliance initiative.  

Once the bullying/cyberbullying PSA is developed it will be shown on the Verizon and Optimum public access channels and on the Smithtown government channel: 

**Volunteers Still Needed...

Students to serve as "Extras" in the PSA video. 
Taping date to be set.


The Alliance's Substance Abuse Committee will be working on Town-wide Community Education projects, implemented by alliance adult and student volunteers.  These environmental strategies to reduce substance abuse include,  "N.O.Y.L. activities (Not On Your Life), Open House event for Substance Abuse and youth development services and future PSA production.  

Past committee community education projects included "Pizza Box Tops"  and
"Sticker Shock," in which Substance Abuse Committee volunteers placed educational message stickers on pizza boxes and alcoholic beverage containers.

Actual Community Education Sticker


The Alliance's Healthy Relationships Committee will be working on planning and implementing future interactive student & parent programs where there is opportunity for healthy family interaction. 

This committee successfully ran a community education workshop entitled;  "Family Talk...Effective Communication in the Home."

"Family Talk...."  Parent & Child Role Reversal fun!

It's a GREAT Time to Get Involved in the 
Town of Smithtown
Youth & Community Alliance!!!

Volunteers Are Needed NOW!

*Student Community Service Credit provided* 

Adults and High School Students from
Commack, Kings Park, Smithtown & Hauppauge School Districts
 are Always Needed to Participate!!!   

NEW Adult & H.S. Students Always welcome....
Plus...School District Personnel - Community & Faith-Based Organizations, etc.

Upcoming Meeting..
New Participants Welcome!!!
 ** Alliance General Membership Meeting**
Tues., March 20, 2018
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Smithtown Library-Main Branch
 1 N. Country Road, Smithtown

Current alliance members and guests meet 
 to discuss all Committee  
projects and initiatives.


For more information about the Town of Smithtown
Youth & Community Alliance and/or to register for meetings...

Email Stacey Sanders, Youth Bureau Executive Director:


**Be sure to check this out**

Town of Smithtown
Youth & Community Alliance
Web Site  
Look for Site Updates!!!

Visit the regularly updated Alliance  website  from time to time and see where you'll find the most current information on our Alliance, and how you and your family can be more involved in your community.

Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau
Community Surveying
 Contests Continue...

Brand NEW  Chances to win the
You've Got Nothing to lose...
...And YOUR Input is SO Important!!!

Chance to Win the 
 1st Quarter 2018 Prize for Completing the
Parent Survey
**Five (5) Tickets for a Family Show at the...

A Very Special Thank you to the
 John W. Engeman Theater  for their  Donation!


Chance to Win the 
 1st Quarter 2018 Prize for Completing the
Student Survey
**A Sturdy,Patriotic Popsocket ...
Expanding stand & grip for your cell phone or tablet.
  • Pop, tilt, prop, collapse and grip
  • Secure grips for texting, calling, photos, and selfies
  • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets
  • Works in landscape and portrait modes for watching videos, web surfing, texting, gaming, group photos, FaceTime, and Skype
A Very Special Thank you Staples  for their donation!

Be Sure to Complete the  2018 
Community Needs Survey ASAP
 Enter Our Contests

Chance to win a prizes...

For respondents who complete the
 very brief survey
Include their email address at the end!

Surveys Only Take 3 1/2 Minutes to Complete!
Click Links below to participate:

Smithtown Youth Bureau's....

Study Skills Program 


Babysitting/Basic Employment Skills Program

Available in Schools Town-wide

The Youth Bureau recently provided the Study Skills program for Commack Middle School & Accompsett Middle School in February; and will be in Nesaquake Middle school & Kings Park High School during March.

The Middle School Study Skills Program topics include:
  • Effective, realistic studying approaches
  • Elements of successful time management and organizational skills
  • Personal goal setting
  • Valuable test-taking strategies
  • How to deal with classroom and test anxiety, as well as other distractions
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Learning how to use SmartPhone/Tablet apps to supplement studying techniques
The High School Study Skills Program includes all of the above topics, delving further into effective note-taking, use of apps, growth mindset,  increased personal responsibility and internal motivation.


The Youth Bureau will be back at Nesaquake Middle School for the Babysitting/ Basic Employment Skills Program in March.

The Babysitting/Basic Employment Skills Program topics include:
  • Infant and child safety
  • Practice with Real Care Babies
  • Behaviors to expect & how to connect with children through play
  • Best practices for the New Babysitter
  • How to find and land a First Babysitter or Mothers Helper Job
  • Basic employment readiness skills

**To see a full list of Youth Bureau programs & Services Click below:

Programs Available to Middle & High Schools Town-Wide

 Horizons  Counseling & Education Center

Specialized Services for Adolescents and Young Adults

Horizons Counseling and Education Center provides services for both adults, young adults and adolescents .  The 2014 - 2015 Youth Development Survey documents that in Suffolk County the average age of first use of alcohol is 11.4 years old

As the age of first use continues to decline, it is more important than ever that adolescents have access to services such as education, prevention, and treatment.
Horizons Counseling and Education Center has provided school based services at their satellite location in Hauppauge High School for over 20 years. They currently run both treatment and prevention services at the High School twice a week.

Horizons provides education and prevention programs in collaboration with the Smiththown Youth Bureau in ALL Township school districts.  Offerings include; evidence-based prevention programs; programs focused on overall wellness; and discussion gro u ps. See article below on Horizons/Youth Bureau collaborative programs for further details.
Horizons Counseling & Education Center onsite adolescent services are available for individuals ages 13-18. 

These adolescent services consider the unique developmental needs of adolescents seeking substance abuse counseling. Specialized therapeutic approaches such as Motivational Interviewing techniques and Cognitive Behavior Therapy are utilized, and family engagement is a primary goal of treatment.    

  Adolescent treatment services include:
  • Assessments to determine level of care (see article below for details)
  • Educational topic groups
  • Discussion groups
  • Drug testing
  • Individual counseling
  • Family education & counseling are encouraged to promote holistic treatment
Services are also provided for young adults ages 18-25 , as a bridge between the adolescent and adult population.

-Horizons Counseling & Education Center-
 For further information about these services email:  

 Or Call: 631-360-7578


Do you know an individual or a family
 struggling  with substance abuse?

There is an opportunity for individuals and families who are struggling to face and take control over substance abuse issues.  There is help available...

The Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling & Education Center offers many support services.

The first step is an assessment .  

The assessment process consists of a series of 2-3 appointments, geared toward the collection of information which will identify the individual's issues, needs, strengths, and service recommendations, if applicable.  If the assessment shows that treatment is appropriate, an individualized service schedule will be developed and the process of healing and recovery can begin.

Initial screenings/phone consultations are free of charge.  Moving forward, the cost of each assessment appointment is $25, and insurance will be billed wherever possible in accordance with the terms of coverage.  Counseling services are often covered by insurance, and sliding scale fees are also available.  Every effort is made to make treatment services affordable for everyone.

Horizons Counseling & Education Center is an OASAS licensed
 not-for-profit agency funded to provide...

 A dolescent, young adult and adult prevention treatment ,
 and  educational services  for drug and alcohol related programs.  

-Horizons Counseling & Education Center-
 For further information about these services email:  


Visit the Horizons Web site:

Town of Smithtown
Horizons Counseling & Education Center 
Youth Bureau: 
Collaborative Prevention Programs

"School-based, supplemental support programs  strengthen  students' ability to 
avoid destructive decision-making  and build resiliency/protective factors
for  improved well-being & mental health" 

*Prevention programming is currently being provided at:

 Hauppauge High School
 Kings Park High School
 Commack High School  
Smithtown School District Prosper Program (Alternative H.S.)  
 Currently being scheduled at Smithtown High School West 

Eight Dimensions of Wellness
Reconnecting Youth
Positive Action
Anger Management
Why Try

Other available school-based programs include:
Too Good For Drugs
Life Skills
Teen Intervene
Safe Dates
And Others!

Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling & Education Center and
 the Youth Bureau   offer an array of evidence-based programs 
for   school districts  at no cost.

These programs are tailored to the individual schools and can be facilitated in various ways depending on the student body and   needs of the population. 

A variety of research-based K - 12 prevention programs are available to local school districts and community organizations free of charge.

**For information on all  available Horizons/Youth Bureau Prevention Programs click the link below.

To inquire about scheduling prevention programming contact:

Stacey Sanders, Youth Bureau
Kelly Devito, Horizons Counseling & Education Center

Smithtown Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps


See Link Below
It's Quick & Easy!

Apply to become a volunteer with the Smithtown Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps.

Complete and submit the online volunteer application by clicking
on the link below:

Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau Volunteer Corps Membership...

Don't Delay....Register NOW!

The Smithtown Youth Bureau maintains a  Volunteer Program Database for tracking volunteer information and your volunteer activities.  If you would like to be included in this database, please complete the Online Volunteer Corps Application. 

Registered volunteers will receive early notification of volunteer opportunities with the Youth Bureau, other Town Departments, as well as opportunities with our local partners.

Note:  Please be sure to include any previous volunteer service(s) on your application.

*Adults and students  are invited to register.*

Adults are needed to assist with program supervision and serve on the
Smithtown Youth Advisory Board  and the
 Youth & Community Alliance of Smithtown
(details on our web site)

Suffolk County Bullying/ Cyberbullying  Contest

Participate as a individual or as a class project!

Represent Smithtown Township!!!

All School Districts Invited to Participate!

To be eligible, elementary, middle and high school aged youth must submit an 8 ½" x 11" poster containing original content, reflecting, in words and/or images, the child's perception of cyberbullying  and its impact.   In addition, there will be an awards c ategory for children with special needs and/or  disabilities,  

The poster must be postmarked no later than Friday, April 13, 2018, and must include, on the back  thereof, the name of the child artist, as well as the name and address of the school, agency or Youth B ureau with which the child is affiliated.

Poster submissions must be mailed to:
Roderick A. Pearson
Executive Director, Suffolk County Youth Bureau,
100 Veterans Memorial Hwy., P.O. Box 6100
Hauppauge, NY 11788
The Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign Committee will select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from the  elementary, middle and high school age categories .

Winners will be notified by Friday, May 4, 2018, and  will receive their award at a ceremony to be held on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. at the William  Rogers Legislative Building at 725 Veterans Memorial Hwy. in Smithtown.
In addition, winning posters will be displayed in the lobby of the County Executive's office at H. Lee Denison Building during the month of October 2018, which is Bully Prevention month.

Highlighted Partner Agency
 Volunteer Opportunities

Smithtown Library - Main Branch

Want to Appear in the Library's Commercial???

The Smithtown Library - Main Branch (1 North Country Road, Smithtown) is providing an opportunity for Student Community Service!

Student volunteers (teens grades 6-12) are sought by the library to appear in a commercial for the Library.

Using film equipment a green screen, students will work with library staff to film a commercial that highlights the Library's many services.

Thursday, March 8, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The Library can provide reasonable accommodations for patrons with special needs.  Please call two weeks prior to any program to make arrangements.

Call to register: (631) 360-2480
 Visit their web site: 


Help the Sunshine Prevention Center 
with their upcoming clean-up activities? 

Grounds clean-up, raking, gardening, painting, cutting the grass, light maintenance, and more.
Saturday March 10, 2018

9:00 AM- 2:00 PM


(Please bring any equipment you have (rakes, shovels, gloves, wheel barrel, etc. and donations of flowers, mulch, decorations, paint and other equipment are appreciated).  Community Service hours and/or  letters of support are available at your request.

Provide Sunshine Prevention Center with the following information:
  1.  Date/s you will be attending:
  2.  Name of Family/Agency/Business/School/Organization:
  3.  Contact Person for your group:                          
  4.  How many participants:
Sunshine Prevention Center 468 Boyle Rd   Port Jefferson Station, NY  11776

Highlighted Youth Bureau Programs

The Smithtown Youth Bureau offers ongoing youth development, prevention and intervention programs for youth and families in the Commack, Kings Park, Hauppauge and Smithtown school districts.  Our popular programs include:
  • Study Skills - Time Management - Organizational Skills
  • Anger/Emotional Management
  • Positive Action -
    Reconnecting Youth -Why Try, etc. (Research-based Prevention Programs)
  • Parent Study Group (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) 
  • Guiding Good Choices (Parenting young children)
  • Upstander Revolution: A Bullying/Cyber Bullying presentation
  • Eight Dimensions of Wellness (SAMHSA)
  • Healthy Family Communication
  • Leadership/Youth Empowerment and Community Service Opportunities
  • Bicycle Safety Rodeos/Road & Biking Safety Programs
  • Babysitting Skills/Basic Employment Readiness
Coming Soon...
Local Volunteer Opportunity Bulletin Board -
On the Town of Smithtown Web Site, "Volunteer Corner" page

Coming Summer 2018...
Socialization & Personal Resilience Building
For students in Grades K-6

Inspire - Learn - Grow
Visit our web site for information on all available programs.

Please contact us for more information, 
 or to schedule a program for your 
school   or  community group.  

"I must admit that I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings." -- Margaret Mead

"The only tired I was, was tired of giving in." -- Rosa Parks

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." -- Marie Curie

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." -- Anne Frank

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Youth Bureau Staff Corner

Have a Very MERRY March!!!   
From the Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau 
We're looking forward to seeing you at our
 upcoming,  fun March programs!

March Greetings From...
Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau 

Our Partners at...
Town of Smithtown Horizons Counseling  Education  Center
*See more information regarding Horizons below


Town of Smithtown Horizons/Youth Bureau Department

Horizons Counseling and Education Center 
is the Town of Smithtown's program for the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol related problems.  Services include counseling, specialized adolescent and adult treatment groups, and referrals for additional services.  Smithown Horizons and Smithtown Youth Bureau work in collaboration to provide prevention education to school districts and community organizations. 

For information about Horizons services visit their web site:


Town of Smithtown Youth Bureau Partners:
NYS Office of Children & Family Services, NYS Department of Transportation,
  Suffolk County Police Department - 4th Precinct, Suffolk County Youth Bureau, 
NYS Association of Youth Bureaus, Suffolk County Youth Board Coordinating Council, Smithtown Animal Shelter, Smithtown Recreation Department, Smithtown Parks Department, Long Island Prevention Resource Center,  NY National Guard Counterdrug Task Force,
 Long Island Volunteer Center, Smithtown Historical Society,  National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA),Verizon in Smithtown, Target in Commack, Huntington Learning Center in Smithtown, Smithtown Industry Advisory Board,  Commack Coalition of Caring, 
Smithtown Library System,  Hauppauge Youth & Community Coalition, 
Kings Park in the k NO w, Smithtown Children's Foundation, Kings Park Council of Schools, Communities of Solution, League of Women, Voters, Smithtown Food Pantry, 
 Partners in Prevention, Community Housing Innovations,  Sunshine Prevention Center, Project9line,  Lessings at Smithtown Landing Country Club,   John W. Engeman Theater,
 and many others .

Useful Links:
Hauppauge-Smithtown Macaroni Kid  is a free, weekly e-newsletter and website for parents.   Each week they share articles, events, discounts, and giveaways for families with children of all ages.   They even have giveaways just for moms and dads!     Sign up for your free subscription!

Visit our Web Site:

Friend us on Facebook:

Stacey Sanders
Executive Director

161 E. Main St.
Smithtown, NY 11787
Ph: (631) 360-7595
Fax (631) 360-7687

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm and occasional evening hours

Summer Hours
(July 1 - August 31)
Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm 
9:00 am - 4:00 pm