"Walk Safely to School" Month is up and running (or should we say "walking") once again this October at Wood Park Primary School! This October marked the 4th consecutive year that Wood Park is partnering with the Smithtown Youth Bureau Safe Routes to School Program to promote walking to school under the supervision of an adult. Walking to school provides an opportunity for families to bond and for parents to educate their children on how to be a smart, attentive pedestrian on our local streets. Additionally, students arrive at school energized and ready to learn! Upon arrival at school, each walker receives a walking-themed charm from Mrs. Pugh, the school's Physical Education teacher.

Additionally, Wood Park is also holding a school-wide walking challenge "Walking in the Right Direction." Each class, including teachers that consistently walks throughout the month will receive a "Walking in the Right Direction" t-shirt donated by the Smithtown Youth Bureau Safe Routes to School Program. The class with the most amount of walks for the month will also receive a first place medal! Stay tuned for next month when we reveal the winning class!'

In Case You Didn't know...
Safe Routes to School Went Town-Wide!!!
The Smithtown Youth Bureau is pleased to announce the launching of our Safe Routes to School Program activities..... NOW Offered Township wide!

The Safe Routes to School Program is a New York State Department of Transportation Grant Program that promotes walking and biking to school and elsewhere; and helps to provide safe opportunities to do so.

Please see the Safe Routes to School Program Brochure for more information. and arranging for programs at YOUR SCHOOL!!!